Evolution’s Achillie’s Heels

Creation Ministries: A major book and DVD documentary project—completed!

Building on the huge response to 2012’s Question Evolution campaign, CMI undertook a major new offensive to take even more ground in the battle to proclaim the truth of the Bible. The aim was to simply and concisely expose evolution’s fatal weaknesses.

Well worth purchasing the DVD or Blu Ray for your church library and a good way to support this and future projects.

Divided Documentary

Interesting documentary about youth ministry in the US. I don’t know all the people interviewed or their doctrinal position – Have a watch and form your own conclusion. 


Charles Spurgeon – Full Movie

Here is a full length movie about Charles Spurgeon published by Christian Television Association on youtube.

If you want to download a copy to keep or watch offline use this free downloader.  Just uncheck the option to install the toolbar and it’s quite a good free program.  Just paste the link into the program and select the high quality download as per the screen capture here –>

VLC is the best free media player that works with all downloaded video formats.

Darwin – The Voyage That Shook the World

  • Darwin:  The voyage that shook the world has been released on DVD.  I just got my copy and found it quite interesting and a balanced look at Darwin’s life that could be used as a tool for outeach.  Comes with a study guide with links to articles on the creation.com site.    www.thevoyage.tv is the site for the film or order at creation.com

“Mention the name Charles Darwin and people will get very upset or very enthusiastic. THE VOYAGE THAT SHOOK THE WORLD is an extremely well crafted exploration of who Charles Darwin was and what he believed, released in time for the 200th anniversary of his birth.

This fascinating documentary is not a hatchet job or a propaganda piece. Instead, it lets Darwin speak for himself and presents his story through the eyes of professors and others …” (from movieguide.org)