The Baptist-church.com.au project is a ministry of South West Baptist Church and was started in 2006.   Instead of just creating our own church site we tried to think bigger and registered a slightly more generic domain name which would allow other churches of like faith to have their own free church site.

If your church would like a web site but are not sure where to start, we can provide the following:

  • a free subdomain of baptist-church.com.au – ie: www.yourchurch.baptist-church.com.au and also free hosting for your site.  Your site will use  WordPress and you will have your own login and be in complete control of your church site.  Feel free to email drop a comment below, or contact us to get started.
  • If you want to start with a free site and then move to your own domain name later we can do a redirect from here if you want to automatically direct all traffic to your new site.

See the sidebar on the right for the current church sites hosted using this service.

The main www.baptist-church.com.au site is a collection of content, links and other interesting and useful resources. The site does not intend to be an authority of any kind as the independent baptist churches are by definition independent.

We do our best to ensure that links posted are conservative Biblical based resources.   Links are provided with the understanding that we may not necessarily endorse all content on external sites or completely agree with their doctrinal position.      Please comment on posts that you think are not appropriate and we’ll edit or remove them quickly.