Bible Visualisations

Bible Cross References, ‘Bible Social Network’, and Distribution of people and places

Chris Harrison, of Carnegie Mellon University, and Christopher Romhild,
of Nordelbische Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Germany, have created a
graphic that shows 63,779 cross-references between different portions
of the Bible. The colored lines are the cross-references. The white bars
at the bottom represent the number of verses in each individual chapter
of the Bible; the long white bar at bottom center would be Psalm 119,
which has 176 verses.

The original web page for this work is at,  and you can see a zoomable version of the graphic at

Also on his project page is a really interesting ‘Bible Social Network’ map, and another interesting graphic about the distribution of Biblical people and places which shows the entire Bible printed on a sheet of paper .  You can also download high-res versions from his site – some are over 100Mb in size!